CYBERJAYA: In conjunction with National Cyber Security Month, Primary Guard launches its new security product, ToPhish, a digital security platform aiming to raise awareness and defend companies from phishing attacks. The launch is set for a global release.

ToPhish has two functionalities. One is to simulate phishing campaigns while the other is to protect the company from hackers. Phishing is a type of social engineering in which hackers create dummy emails that are camouflaged into an email from a legitimate brand or company. When clicked, it will redirect the user into a mirror site where the user’s data is vulnerable to attacks in the form of data theft and viruses.

“Phishing has become an increasing concern for companies worldwide as we transition into the cloud-based era. As more and more operations are conducted digitally, security is crucial in maintaining the welfare of a company. It is getting harder for the layman to detect due to that advancement. With ToPhish, we aim to bring awareness of such an attack as well as provide apt data for any company to safeguard their confidential data from those hacks.”  — Terrence Yong, Director of Sales at Primary Guard

With ToPhish, companies can create campaigns designed to bring awareness to employees on the dangers of phishing. This is done through a simulated campaign using a system-generated email and landing page template, which are all carried out on the platform.

“ToPhish’s campaigns are able to simulate the look and feel of an actual attack, allowing an organization to carry out “phishing drills” so that employees can familiarize themselves and be prepared for an attack,” continued Terrence. “It’s a safe way for organizations to test the alertness of its own employees.”

ToPhish also provides services to design and initiate the campaign for the clients based on what is best for their organizations. This is especially useful for companies that do not have the necessary workforce and resources to create the campaigns by themselves.

Along with that, the platform provides comprehensive metrics and live data reports for an effective evaluation. These features are wrapped under a user-friendly interface where even those with minimal IT expertise can easily navigate through the platform.

This design choice of being simplistic for the general public is the product’s philosophy in bringing awareness for the industry towards these types of attacks as the primary way of combating social engineering is to educate the individual.

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