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Leading Edge Cyber Security

Primary Guard provides innovative IT solutions and new computing technologies that help minimize the impact from cyber threats, improve business efficiency & maintain essential functions during or after a disaster occurs.

Our Clients

Primary Guard has a docket of over 700 clients across industries such as education, ecommerce, media and government ministries. These clients have placed their trust in Primary Guard to provide them with leading edge cyber security solutions.

Our Partners

Here are some of Primary Guard’s partners who play a vital role in providing security-based performance solutions with a wide range of value-added and managed services.

Customers Testimonial

Suzairul Izan bin Sulaiman

IT Operation & Support Manager

“We are very pleased to engage Primary Guard to provide a simple, reliable solution for configuration and setup of our IT infrastructure. Our organization has seen considerable cost savings and business continuity using this cheaper platform.”

Siti Zubaidah Ismail

ICT Assistant Manager

“We approached Primary Guard because we had performance issues and were not seeing the data we wanted. Primary Guard introduced a solution that delivered top-quality product reports and better performance tracking. The after-sales team was also very helpful, providing support with using the solution.”

Darren YS Wong

IT Manager

“We weren’t pleased with our previous cloud protection solution so we contacted Primary Guard. Their excellent team provided us a product that exceeded our expectations, with a full suite of virtual network functions, including advanced packet filtering, load balancing and traffic management tools.”

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