Customisable templates and modules were added to make it easier for organizations to enhance employee response to phishing attacks 

CYBERJAYA, November 2022:Primary Guard has enhanced its offerings under its phishing awareness training platform ToPhish with the addition of comprehensive and interactive cybersecurity courses, ready-to-use phishing simulation template scenarios, wider monitoring and threat detection, and a policy management feature. 

ToPhish simulates phishing campaigns as a safe way for organizations to assess and understand how vulnerable employees are against social engineering threats. The “phishing drills” carried out by ToPhish simulate the look and feel of an actual phishing attack, helping employees learn how to spot and respond to phishing emails.  

“With the increase of digitalization and the migration to the cloud over the course of the pandemic, we have seen a sharp increase in cybersecurity incidents happening around the globe, particularly for phishing campaigns wherein hackers create malicious emails camouflaged as legitimate emails to trick recipients into revealing sensitive information. Hackers are using increasingly creative and sophisticated techniques to commit data theft, which is why we updated ToPhish’s range of offerings to better capture the evolving trends and patterns of social engineering attacks, ” said Ts. Afiq Bin Lamaznun, Technology Development Manager, Primary Guard. 

The newly improved ToPhish runs custom spear-phishing campaign simulations with over 700 ready-to-use phishing template scenarios where organizations can tailor the campaigns to real-life scenarios and threats. The campaigns help to identify employees potentially vulnerable to phishing threats and automatically enrol them in curated security awareness training according to their risk profiles. Organizations can easily track and monitor the employees’ progress through a real-time reporting dashboard that measures performance and provides weekly summaries. 

ToPhish offers quick deployment on a fully cloud-based setup, with no software or hardware installation required. The easy-to-navigate dashboard allows simple onboarding suited for employees with cybersecurity knowledge at all levels. 

For organizations ready to level up their cybersecurity posture, ToPhish’s Dark Web Monitoring services give alerts when credential breaches and exposures happen on the Dark Web. ToPhish also helps reduce the chance of data breaches and exposure by automating continuous user training to ensure employees securely use passwords and email. 

Organizations can even easily manage security policies and standards in one single platform, using ToPhish to create, amend, and store policies in one centralized platform that can be organized with version control. Any updates to the policies can be pushed automatically to all employees, prompting employees to read and approve the changes with an eSign feature on a self-service web platform. 

“Every company needs to put their incident detection and response capabilities as a priority to ensure a security-first culture with cybersecurity best practices in place. We made ToPhish to be as simple to use as possible because we believe that every educated employee adds an additional layer of protection for your organization. After all, you’re only as safe as your weakest link,” Afiq said. 

ToPhish is only one of the many IT & network security services provided by Primary Guard in South East Asia and beyond. The highly dedicated and trained team is on hand 24/7 to assist clients in minimizing the impact of cyber threats and setting up mature security infrastructures that can detect and eradicate any cyber risks. 

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