CYBERJAYA — Scantrics launches a free, easy-to-use security testing tool for IT security professionals and business owners to reliably perform vulnerability assessments on web applications.

Scantrics’s features span 11 security testing tools that enable businesses’ security teams to test the integrity of their web assets and applications. Through a comprehensive security analysis, the tool automatically identifies the risk factors associated with key vulnerabilities within a business’ website that may negatively impact data confidentiality and system availability.

“With more people and businesses shifting their operations fully online, we’ve witnessed malicious entities in the cyberspace taking advantage of the increased digital adoption by individuals and organizations worldwide. With a multitude of threats and cyberattacks like ransomware and data breaches making headlines and taking down large-scale corporations, this ‘cyber pandemic’, as coined by experts, poses a new set of challenges to everyone.” — Terrence Yong, Sales Director at Primary Guard, the cybersecurity solutions and IT management company powering Scantrics.

Scantrics’ security testing tool features the following, to help businesses go beyond the defense lines and proactively take charge:

  1. Website Scanner: check for any vulnerability in your website
  2. Subdomain Finder: find any associated subdomains in your organization
  3. Virtual Host Checker: check virtual hosts residing in the IP Address
  4. TCP Port Scanner: check any open TCP Port on your server
  5. UDP Port Scanner: check any open UDP Port on your server
  6. WordPress Scanner: run vulnerability scan for your WordPress website
  7. XSS Scanner: find out for any XSS vulnerability in your website
  8. Drupal Scanner: scan and check your Drupal website vulnerability and configuration
  9. SQLi Scanner: scan and find out SQL Injection Flow in your database
  10. URL Fuzzer: find any hidden files and directories on your web server
  11. Network Vulnerability Scanner: run network assessment on your infrastructure

“Powered by Primary Guard, Scantrics allows businesses and individuals to run a quick test of any website to inspect potential security vulnerabilities as a precautionary and mitigative measure,” continued Terrence. “The comprehensive analysis enables IT security professionals to take the necessary steps in preventing potential threats, thus bolstering operations by focusing on business continuity and remote work.”

Primary Guard provides innovative IT solutions and new computing technologies that help minimize impact from cyber threats, improve business efficiency, and maintain essential functions during or after a disaster occurs. The company’s solutions ensure improved and uninterrupted day-to-day operations, giving enterprises a competitive advantage in the international market.

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About Primary Guard
Primary Guard is a data protection company that provides security on the cloud, data analytics, and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). The company helps businesses minimize the impact of cyberthreats, improve efficiency, and maintain essential functions during or after disaster occurrences. Its innovative solutions offer business owners improved and uninterrupted day-to-day operations, giving them a competitive advantage in the international market.   

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