JAKARTA: The unfortunate Cyber 1 Building fire last Thursday afternoon has left a significant impact on digital transactions in Indonesia. Located in the West Kuningan area, the Cyber 1 Building serves as a major operation hub for many tech companies, ranging from web hosting providers, software companies, internet service providers to cyber security companies.

The incident caused the data center network to be disrupted, followed by a reduced capacity of operating systems across the center’s applications and websites. The impact is not only limited to business and monetary loss, but also a loss of data from the company’s storage system.

Fidri Hardiawan, Account Manager of Primary Guard Indonesia, a cyber security company, said that it is important for companies to have a Disaster Recovery System (DRS), which is a system used to restore data in the event of a disaster.

One of DRS’ efforts is to bring company data onto the cloud. “Companies should have data storage centers in other countries that replicate all their data. So when faced with technical setbacks such as system downs, fires, floods, and other disasters, companies can guarantee the security of their data,” explained Fidri.

Fidri concluded that the key to maintaining data center security in the event of a disaster is to use backup software and cloud computing. “The key considerations when choosing cloud computing is data availability, approaching Near to Zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO), and having a secondary location as a cold site,” added Fidri.

In layman terms, several things that must be considered when choosing DRS are the speed of data backup, the ability to minimize data loss during data migration, and the existence of a curation target in the event of failure in the data transfer process.

Rizki Maulana, Consultant for Primary Guard Indonesia, added that the best way to mitigate force majeure in a company, especially in the digital sector, is to have a recovery plan. “Evaluating various options and implementation technologies that can help companies choose the most appropriate solution can be an effective strategy to avoid the consequences of downtime,” concluded Rizki.

Learning from fire disasters, protecting data alone is not enough. The need to provide businesses with disaster recovery options in the event of unexpected data loss should be a priority. A straightforward solution would be to have a reliable all-in-one data recovery tool to back up and run important applications.

Disaster Recovery System is one of the solutions offered by Primary Guard. Apart from DRS, Primary Guard also provides cybersecurity solutions as well as optimization and analytics. Its services support a wide range of data types, applications, and platforms. In addition, this service solution can also be applied in any situation and is equipped with a secure and encrypted private network in a variety of storage modes.


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Primary Guard is a data protection company that provides security on the cloud, data analytics, and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). The company helps businesses minimize the impact of cyberthreats, improve efficiency, and maintain essential functions during or after disaster occurrences. Its innovative solutions offer business owners improved and uninterrupted day-to-day operations, giving them a competitive advantage in the international market.   

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