Disaster Recovery

The Recovery Tool for the Worst-Case Scenario

It’s no longer good enough to just protect data – there’s a real need to provide businesses with disaster recovery options if an unexpected loss of data ever occurs. Having Primary Guard’s reliable, all-in-one data recovery tool to get critical applications back up and running is a must-have for businesses.

Why is Having a Business Continuity Plan Important?

Disaster Recovery Plan

For smarter business intelligence today, organizations have taken great strides to merge together business processes, applications and IT infrastructure. Systems have been increasingly integrated and distributed across hybrid IT environments.

Creating this shared infrastructure supports future growth of the business but it has also inadvertently created potential vulnerabilities for catastrophic failure. According to IDC, on average, an infrastructure failure can cost USD $100,000 an hour and a critical application failure can cost USD $500,000 to USD $1 million per hour.

If one link in the chain breaks or comes under attack, the impact can ripple throughout the business. During such an event, if an organization fails to maintain business resiliency and continue its operations, it could face not only major revenue loss, but an erosion in customer trust.

Why Choose
Primary Guard’s Solution

Disaster Recovery Platform

Supported for multiple data types, applications and platforms

Preparing multiple backup copies on different mediums to ensure you have consistent data – onsite, offsite or hybrid cloud-based.

Disaster Recovery Strategy

Deployment Flexibility

Deploy our disaster recovery solution in any environment of your choice. It can also be customized to be installed in your own data centre based on regulatory requirements and needs offsite or hybrid cloud-based.

Disaster Recovery and Private Encrypted Network

Private, secured and encrypted network to ensure your data is safe

Cloud-ready integrations deliver tiered long-term retention for offsite compliance. Our products provide full failover into the cloud for disaster recovery with a 1-Hour recovery SLA.

Disaster Recovery Multiple Strategies

Multiple options for storage (on-premise/private cloud/public cloud)

It’s a simple and powerful disaster recovery solution for VMs, and an easy path to VM Migration. Easily replicate your VMs to low cost AWS S3 or Azure Blob storage until needed. Deploy as VMs into AWS and Azure compute clouds for failover, DR testing, or permanent migration of your choice.

Engineered for Better and Safer Disaster Recovery

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