CYBERJAYA — As part of its continuing partnership with Cloudflare, Primary Guard recently held a webinar about the many services the American web infrastructure and web security company has to offer.

The webinar aimed towards Cloudflare and Primary Guard’s clientele, many of whom are working from home. Present during the webinar were Cloudflare’s General Manager Liang Peng Heng, Cloudflares’s Solutions Engineer Erfi Anugrah, Primary Guard’s Enterprise Sales Director Terrence Yong Mien Ee, Primary Guard’s Technology Development Manager Afiq Lamaznun, and Forest Interactive’s Brand & Marketing Specialist Hannaflor Lopez.

“We are fortunate to be one of Cloudflare’s authorize managed service partners in Malaysia. This working relationship has proven fruitful not just for us but for our clients and we hope to continue this relationship well into the future.” –  Terrence Yong Mien Ee, Enterprise Sales Director at Primary Guard

Being an authorized managed service partner in Malaysia, Primary Guard works directly with Cloudflare to provide DNS protection and security solutions for their clients. The webinar showcased the Cloudflare network’s vast capabilities as well as the many products and services the company has to offer. Afiq Lamaznun of Primary Guard gave a brief overview of the Malaysian company to open the webinar while Cloudflare’s Erfi Anugrah led the way in focusing on each product and service the company has to offer. The webinar was concluded with an open forum where questions about data sovereignty were addressed.

Cloudflare Solutions is an American company that specializes in web security and web data processing. They have over 25 million internet properties in their network and process internet requests for about 17% of Fortune 1,000 companies. Cloudflare provides internet security against activities like malicious bots and DDoS attacks further cementing their reputation as an industry leader in cybersecurity.

Beyond that, Cloudflare also provides their clients other functionality like SSL and content distribution allowing them to not only keep the internet safe but also running efficiently. During the webinar, Cloudflare shared the many ways it continues to innovate in the ICT and web security space like Bot Management, DDoS Protection Benefits, and web application Firewall.


About Primary Guard 

Primary Guard is a data protection company that provides security on the cloud, data analytics, and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). The company helps businesses minimize the impact of cyberthreats, improve efficiency, and maintain essential functions during or after disaster occurrences. Its innovative solutions offer business owners improved and uninterrupted day-to-day operations, giving them a competitive advantage in the international market.   

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