Website Performance Optimization

Enhance Website Performance for Peak User Satisfaction

Website performance is a crucial benchmark for businesses and their websites. Many web visitors expect fast page loading times without compromising their user experience. Primary Guard offers it services in website optimizations to improve site reliability, page load speed and page responsiveness, so that your web developers can focus on their primary role.

Why Website Performance Matters

Website Performance Optimization

Latest studies show that about 50% of web visitors expect less than 2 seconds of page load time, and many visitors would leave the website if the webpage took more than 3 seconds to load.

Better website performance =
Increased conversion rates

For every second beyond the 2 second mark of page load, conversion rates can drop by 7% and page views by 11%. A 7% drop in conversions translates to lost sales for e-commerce sites, whereas a 11% drop in page views can lead to affected ad revenue for content sites.

Better website performance = Better SERP ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a constant struggle for many brands and Web Page Performance is one of the major factors that determine search engine rankings. If your page has a slow load time, Google will feature you lower in the its rankings. Yes, having highly relevant content counts, but Google also rates pages in its ranking according to pages that has better performance.

What Affects Site Speed?

Website Optimization

Page weight

Website performance is greatly affected by the amount of resources a website needs to load. Ranging from video content to large JavaScript files and heavy CSS files, content today is abundant and dataheavy. All these add significant ‘weight’, or load time, to a webpage. And, as web developers add more functionality than ever to webpages, websites as a whole are becoming more complex.

Website Performance

Network conditions

Websites may also not load quickly in browsers due to network slowness. What primarily impacts network connectivity is the local networking equipment used and the quality of the ISP’s services. Additionally, users can – from time to time – experience slower network connections if they choose to use 4G for their mobile devices instead of connecting to the Internet over Wi-Fi.

Website Optimization

Hosting location

If content has to travel a long way to arrive where it is needed, this results in a high amount of network latency, which means longer load times. This is because different files can be hosted in separate data centres and it will take time for all these files to reach the user’s device.

Primary Guard Can Give Your Website a Speed Boost

Website Optimization Speed Boost

For businesses and services, we know how important a fast-loading website is. You don’t want to lose out on sales and customer engagement due to poor web performance. By utilizing Primary Guard’s website optimization solution, clients will see these benefits in no time:

Get a Competitive Edge with Our Solution

Website Performance CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Static resources will be cached and served by the closest PoP (Point of Presence) to the page visitor. Reduces server bandwidth and improves latency, which also improves user satisfaction. Caching is completely configurable to suit customers’ needs.

Web Optimization Multiple Standards

Multiple Web Optimization Standards

Cutting edge optimization technologies are available to customers, such as HTTP/3, Brotli compression, Image Compression and Resizing, Auto Minify source code, TCP Turbo, and more.

Website Optimization Load Balance

Integrated Load Balancing

Have multiple web servers across different regions? Our cloud load balancing solution helps you to load balance and route your traffic based on server availability, latency and geography. Support multi-cloud deployment and reduce total cost of ownership.

Website Optimization Smart Protocol

Smart Routing Protocol

Prevent “traffic jam” by utilizing innovative techniques to detect real-time network conditions. Congestion can be avoided by routing visitors’ traffic to destinations via optimized routes. Internet latency can be improved by more than 30%.

Website Optimization DNS Provider

Fastest Managed DNS Globally

With the world’s fastest authoritative DNS provider and public DNS resolver, DNS queries can be resolved instantly. This leads to quicker page load speed. DNSSEC can be configured to prevent DNS spoofing.

Website Optimization

Shift Processing Power To The Edge

Write your own code and deploy it across 200+ locations in 90 countries, in less than 15 seconds. Code runs within milliseconds from your visitors worldwide with very affordable pricing. No more worries about VMs and servers: your code will scale automatically. Choose between JavaScript, Rust, C and C++ to write your code.

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