Business Endpoint Protection

Enabling Rock-Solid Protection for End-User Devices

Primary Guard provides a cloud-based endpoint protection platform that is designed to quickly detect, analyse and block cyberattacks from infecting business endpoints and entry points.

Top Challenges for 360° Endpoint Protection

Increasing BYOD means more endpoint vulnerabilities

Endpoint security constantly comes under threat by the growing range of company devices connected to networks, enabled by
the increasing mobility of employees.

Acquiring public but secure access to business endpoints

Since employees may need to access the company network flexibly during a wide variety of scenarios – on the move, in home offices or even abroad – IT administrators are faced with the challenge of protecting endpoints in accordance with the company’s own guidelines, even without direct access to the device.

Preventative strategies must always be kept up-to-date

Raising employee awareness of current threats and technical measures such as network security, device management and data encryption can be difficult for companies to always keep a close eye on. Plus, new end devices must be integrated into the network and subsequently checked for compliance with existing policies each time they connect to the local network environment.

Key Benefits of Primary Guard’s
Endpoint Protection Platform

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection for Business

Agile threat protection – Our endpoint protection platform covers both the cloud as well as the endpoint to provide full prevention when disconnected from the network, while taking advantage of the additional power of the cloud when connected.

  • Save your time and effort for where it’s needed — Our cloud-native solution platform doesn’t require any on-premises management infrastructure.

  • Deployed at unmatched speed — An SaaS offering suitable for organizations with mixed environments, we deliver through the cloud, ensuring our clients a reported installation of as many as 70,000 agents in a single day.

  • Up and operational instantly — Our platform protects you immediately upon installation without requiring fine-tuning or complex configuration.
  • Light on arrival and during operation — From initial installation to ongoing daily use, our endpoint protection platform operates with only a tiny 20MB footprint on the endpoint.
  • No need to reset endpoint – Reboots not required at installation or during updates.
  • Endpoint performance maintained with no disruption —The signatureless protection technologies used by our platform completely eliminate the need for frequent disk scans and signature updates.

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