Data Analytics Platform

Opening up a World of Possibilities With Data

Big Data Analytics drives decision making for businesses of the future. Paired with monitoring technology, Primary Guard’s Data Analytics Platform is engineered for maximum efficiency – enabling organizations to extract valuable insights, while keeping track of all their systems and business processes.

Big Data Challenges That Businesses Face

Get Better Outcomes with an
All-In-One Data Analytics Platform

Big Data Analytics Platform

Achieving modern business intelligence has never been simpler!

We don’t mess around when we say our data analytics platform can be quickly deployed and is easy for everyone in the organization to use.

Analytics Platform

Various Data Processing, Filtering and Aggregations

Transform your raw data into usable material. Unwanted information can be removed and retain only what’s useful. Perform various types of aggregations to your processed data to get valuable statistics and insights, such as Metric Aggregations, Bucket Aggregations, Pipeline Aggregations and Matrix Aggregations.

Analytics Platform

Multiple Visualization Types for Different Use Cases

Basic visualizations, e.g. histograms, table, line chart and pie chart usually do their job. Looking for more advanced visualizations? Maps and time-series visualizations definitely suits your use cases. Each visualization is completely configurable.

Data Analytics Platform

Ready-Built Dashboards for Well-Known Services

Want to collect Apache and Nginx web server logs? Need to monitor AWS different components but you want to visualize all of them? Our pre-built dashboards got you covered and it works out of the box. Don’t waste time building different visualizations and dashboards to collect system metrics for different services.

Data Analytics Platform

Lightweight Agent to Ship Raw Data from Various Sources

Easily ship all your data from different sources, no matter you are on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or on-premises. Supports shipping data from Windows and Linux operating systems.

Primary Guard

Provide Better Insights
to Inform Decisions

Data Analytics Platform

Today the world runs on data and it runs fast!

Reliably process and quickly act upon the information produced by myriad interactions taking place in a network environment. The ability to do so with a data analytics platform has become the difference between obstacles and opportunities.

Cloud-Native Data Analytics

Application Performance Monitoring

Slow processing time in your application? Getting a lot of 503 errors? No idea where to debug? See exactly where the culprit for your issues is by using Application Performance Monitoring. With distributed tracing, requests flowing through your entire infrastructure can be observed. Quickly pinpoint problems and fix issues in your code with ease.

Cloud-native Data Analytics Platform

Machine Learning Support with Anomaly Detection

Build your own Machine Learning model to spot what you might have missed in your analysis process. Detect any odd behaviour, forecast based on trends, or spot any interesting information using Machine Learning with low effort.

Data Analytics

Get Notified with Alerts for Specific Conditions

You might not always be in front of your computer to monitor your infrastructure. Now you can configure alerts to detect any conditions that you specify and receive notifications in the form of email. You may also push alerts to Jira, Slack, Webhook URL, and more.

Access Control

Role-Based Access Control

Limit access to your data analytics platform by assigning different roles to your users in different departments. Users can only perform operations that are authorized to do so within their job scope. For instance, database administrator can only access MySQL logs and metrics.

Additional Services
That We Offer

We provide clients with web services for easily accessing the
data sources you need. We can enable time and cost-saving
benefits for your company in these areas:

Data Storage and Analytics

Private cloud infrastructure set-up for data storage and analytics

Deployment for Data Analytics

On-site deployment for data analytics at customer premise

Data Analysis

Integration services with any endpoint that needs to be monitored and analysed

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