how to detect malware on iphone

How to Detect Malware on iPhone

When it comes to mobile devices, iPhones are well-known for their security measures. It’s one of the main reasons people buy these devices. However, the protection Apple offers does not mean your iPhone is 100% immune to threats. Getting malware on your iPhone is a threat you should take seriously. This article will demonstrate how […]

what is a common method used in social engineering

What is A Common Method Used in Social Engineering?

As companies implement more robust security systems, cybercriminals are increasingly adopting social engineering techniques to circumvent them and target people within the organization directly. What makes social engineering particularly dangerous is that it relies on human error, rather than vulnerabilities in software and operating systems. Mistakes made by unsuspecting users can be more difficult to […]

end user security awareness

How to Improve End-User Security Awareness In the Workplace

Due to the rising use of various technology and personal devices in our daily lives, end-user security awareness training has become a priority, especially in the workplace. Your developers, network administrators, and IT staff may be well-trained to detect and prevent security incidents and data breaches, but this isn’t enough. Maintenance of technology assets must […]

email security tips for users

8 Email Security Tips for Users & Companies to Know

Companies must implement clear guidelines to help their employees navigate today’s data security risks. Hackers can use email attacks to steal personal information and even break into the company’s email address system if employees are unaware of the signs of a possible attack. Top Email Security Tips & Best Practices Here are the main email […]