Data Protection

Data Privacy and Security: A Look from the Business Standpoints

Data privacy is crucial in protecting a business against cyber attacks and malware threats nowadays. However, the numbers of organisations taking an optimal approach towards protecting their business is still low in numbers. Learn how your businesses can benefit from adopting a better data privacy approach.

email security tips for users

8 Email Security Tips for Users & Companies to Know

Companies must implement clear guidelines to help their employees navigate today’s data security risks. Hackers can use email attacks to steal personal information and even break into the company’s email address system if employees are unaware of the signs of a possible attack. Top Email Security Tips & Best Practices Here are the main email […]

how to evaluate cloud service provider security

How to Evaluate Cloud Service Provider Security

Data is under constant threat every day of being stolen and corrupted by hackers intent on penetrating end users’ computer systems. This has prompted the shift to cloud computing for many organisations. Knowing how to evaluate cloud service provider security before choosing one is the practical way forward. With many vital processes shifting online, more […]

types of email attacks

Types of Email Attacks for Businesses [DANGER]

Despite today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, email remains the #1 tool of choice for business communication due to its reliability and convenience. Anyone with basic computer skills can comprehend and use email quickly and effectively. However, this ease of usage means email is a serious target for cyberattacks. This article will explain the most common […]