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types of email attacks

Types of Email Attacks for Businesses [DANGER]

Despite today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, email remains the #1 tool of choice for business communication due to its reliability and convenience. Anyone with basic computer skills can comprehend and use email quickly and effectively. However, this ease of usage means email is a serious target for cyberattacks. This article will explain the most common […]

ransomware examples

6 Dangerous Ransomware Examples to Be Cautious Of

Ransomware attacks have only grown bolder as they become more sophisticated threats capable of causing considerable business downtime. Most ransomware in use today is typically spread via phishing emails and designed to penetrate business networks through user devices. Once infected, it doesn’t take long before data on the user device or in SaaS applications becomes […]

prevent ransomware attack

How to Prevent Ransomware Attack and Avoid Data Loss

The number of ransomware attacks has risen and they are only getting more dangerous. An attack on internal networks can cost organizations upwards of millions of dollars. Learning how to prevent ransomware attacks can avoid this scenario, especially if sensitive information is in danger of becoming lost and/or stolen. Companies shouldn’t be asking when will […]

why is encryption important

Why is Encryption Important?

Almost every service or device we use today runs on data. To keep personal information safe and secure in the digital world, that sensitive data needs protection. Encryption has become increasingly important to data security as we bank, shop, work and communicate online. As our lives continue to shift online to fulfil our needs, IT […]

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