Access Control Management

Redefining Network and Application Access for the Cloud Generation

How do you ensure that those who access your company’s data have actually been granted that access? Who should be accessing it? Under what circumstances do you deny access to a user?

To protect your data effectively from malicious actors, your organization’s access control system must be able to address these questions. We offer the best solution with Primary Guard’s ACMS, built to adapt and respond dynamically to evolving risk factors.

How Authentication and Authorization Remains A Challenge?

Access Control Management

Common pitfalls of network-centric approaches:

Key Capabilities of
Primary Guard’s Solution

Access Control Management Pricing

Reduce IT cost and complexity

Easy to deploy and manage as an automated, cloud-delivered service that scales.

Managing Access Control

Deliver a frictionless and transparent user experience

A user- and application-centric approach to application access. Bring security and policy close to the user to eliminate unnecessary backhaul.

Reduce Risk with Access Control Management

Reduce risk with full inline SSL inspection at scale

A proxy-based architecture designed to handle encrypted traffic at scale for threat protection and data loss prevention.

What Our Access Control Management System Offers

Provide users authenticated, encrypted and secure access to private applications. Policies connect users to specific applications, not the whole internal network. Private applications are never exposed to the Internet.

Protect your internal applications without deploying costly VPN appliances and reduce total cost of ownership. Authentication processes are moved to the cloud and can be done quickly from anywhere in the world.

Say goodbye to traditional username and password authentication. You can now integrate with your organization’s identity provider such as Azure Active Directory, G Suite, GitHub, LinkedIn, or any identity provider that utilizes SAML standard. No additional user credentials to manage means less hassle.

Need protection for your API endpoint? Service Tokens can be generated to authenticate your bots and scripts to the API. Protect and prevent your API endpoint from getting compromised and misused by attackers.

Log every access request and policy change across all of your internal applications for auditing. Audit logs can be pushed to enterprise SIEM tool for fine-grained control over your whole system.

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